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Test and optimize your
       Trading Systems


Use Tradesignal to develop and optimize rule-based trading systems.
Backtest directly in charts with data from Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Teletrader as well as from commodity and energy specialist Trayport.

Get inspired by a well-arranged and easy-to-learn user interface.

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Supported evaluation
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Charting & Backtesting
Strategies, signals and studies without leaving the chart.

Commodities & Energy
Forward Curves, Spreads and other specialized tools.

Develop & Analyse
Fully integrated development environment.

Overview of Watchlists, Scanners and many more features.

A selection of companies who use Tradesignal

The assistance of the Tradesignal Support is very dedicated and qualified."
Matthias Kallasch,
Landesbank Berlin/Berliner Sparkasse

Tradesignal is one of the best technical analysis tools for me. It's an indispensable help for my market analyses."
Heinz Imbacher, Baader Bank AG

Your Software is the most sophisticated solution for our clients on every level."
David Glasspool, Director

We are very well served by Tradesignal."
Rolf Bertschi, Head of Technical Research
Credit Suisse AG

Vattenfall   Deutsche Bank

Iduna   E.ON  

Credit Suisse   

Repower   Statkraft

Axpo  UniCredit


Charting & Backtesting for All Markets

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Backtesting results, such as placed orders and historical equity curves, can be depicted directly in the chart.

19 different chart types are available, including market predefined Point & Figure.

Unrestricted chart elements can be arranged in extensive and individual layouts.

All Indicators are based on the programming language Equilla and can be individually edited.

Imagine all your strategies, including complete equity curves and trade signals as alarms in realtime, all in one chart!

  • Simple drag-and-drop for indicators and trading systems
  • Immediate use of optimized results in charts
  • Rapid calculation even of complex analyses
  • Intuitive scrolling and zooming in chart navigation


All analyses, whether simple trendlines or complex quantitative trading strategies, are based on the integrated formula language  Equilla, making it easy to implement your own trading ideas.


The generation of signals, new calculation of indicators and order placement placement are executed in realtime with Tradesignal.
Even your own data sources can be integrated in this way.

Special Tools for Commodities & Energy Traders

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Forward Curve
Market Profile
Seasonal Chart

Tradesignal brings commodity and energy market data together with the use of custom made tools, such as forward curves and Equilla based spreads.

  • Possible for combination of similar contracts from different data sources on one chart
  • Preset data adapter for Trayport
  • One-click unit and currency converter

Continuous contracts

User defined continuous contracts enables you to create a chart from expired contracts, which you can use for rule based trading and effective backtesting.

Open Data API

Use the Tradesignal open data interface with your own data banks and sources for a profit-generating combination with the analyses you have already created. 

Develop your Trading System with Equilla

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Tradesignal offers a completely integrated development environment which facilitates the creation of trading systems with the programming language Equilla.

  • Changes in the source text are immediately visible in the chart after compilation
  • Integrated help and code reference
  • Graphic imaging of curves, trend lines and symbols
  • Expansion of the programming language through open Equilla API


While the developer is entering code, the Equilla editor suggests function options.  After a function has been chosen, an insight window appears giving precise information on how the function can be used, without visually obstructing the developer.


You can quite easily share the created trading system with your colleagues, and you are given the option  to deliver the system with or without the source text.  Your colleagues will also remain up-to-date with any changes made to the package-system.


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Portfolio Trading

  • Rule-based trading using a variety of instrument
  • Equity curve of the entire portfolio
  • Common money-management rules
  • Instruments can be traded in various currencies


  • Price tables updated in realtime and by push
  • All indicators – built-in or user-defined – can be applied to the watchlists
  • All data fields supplied by the data provider are available in columns


  • Thousands of scannable instruments and indicator results
  • Freely definable result filter on all price and indicator results
  • Instruments with differing periods can be combined


  • Detailed performance report on trading systems
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Trading Strategy Wizard  for the creation of entire trading systems
  • Application, documentation and support in German, English and Japanese
Unterstützte Evaluation ohne Verpflichtung
Supported evaluation
without obligation
PDF herunterladen (2 MB)
Download PDF
(2,2 MB)

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